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Season One, Episode Six:
Jack Harker

Key Lesson features 

  • Keeping individual lessons within the sequence and an eye on the bigger picture

  • Making the learning explicitly clear

  • Vocabulary - consistency of language

  • Always running over at the end

Approach to foundation subjects

  • Think about pedagogy of they subject

  • The essence of teaching is the same

  • Know your subject

  • What do I want them to learn? and work from there

Leading for school-wide change

  • Differs depending on maturity of the subject 

  • What do we need to do to raise standards?

  • Difference between changing practice and introducing practice

  • Utilise clear, modelled instructions to build up teacher knowledge

  • Fads are a very real worry - take this sentiment into account

Developing subject knowledge

  • Pub quizzes

  • Develop an interest in story

  • Be more geek

  • Connect with secondary schools

  • Try to find time (the age old problem)

Thunderbolt Research Paper: How I Wish I'd Taught Maths

Every primary teacher should read: Principles of Instruction

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