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Season Three, Episode One:
Andrew Jeffrey

09:39 - Tell us about your journey and how you got here…

Maths Week England

14:48 Why is a high quality mathematics education so important? 

Caleb Gattegno  

21:47 If you had to condense your approach to the teaching of mathematics into a set of guiding principles what would they be?

Hi, I’m a teacher, please can I…

26:42 How do you approach planning maths over the long and short term?

Fluency and reasoning as the twin engines of problem solving.

John Mason - A lesson without the opportunity to generalise… is NOT not a mathematics lesson

36:13 …and how do you take that into the short term?

Either I haven’t taught this well, the question was badly written or they’ve forgotten, but I know what I need to do next…

Food for Eating!!!

44:12 You have worked with many schools over the course of your career, what three things have really stayed with you as you continue your journey?


Professor Lulu Healy Assistance of students with mathematical learning difficulties—how can research support practice?—A summary 

BrewEd Maths

59:46 What do you think we can learn from the way they approach/teach mathematics in Singapore?


Zoltan Dienes 

1:10:08 What advice do you have for teachers who are not confident in their teaching of mathematics but want to be?

Online Conferences 

Andrew’s Workshops at MathsConf

Maths Hubs

Andrew’s Newsletter

Jonathan Hall @StudyMaths 

Stuart Welsh @maths180


Andrew’s PowerPoint CPD

1:18:55 What are your three favourite resources from 

Greater Depth in Primary Mathematics


Andrew’s new Year 3 resource  

1:21:21 You are an inspiration to countless teachers, who are your sources of inspiration?

Lynne McClure - @clm4d 

Cambridge Mathematics @CambridgeMaths 

Jerome Bruner - Toward a theory of instruction 

David Beckham training video

1:30:46 Any final pieces of advice for any teachers looking to supercharge their mathematics teaching?

Michelangelo’s Prisoners

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