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Episode Fourteen: How do you solve a problem like...Workload?

In this episode I'm joined once again by Christopher Such as we try to put a dent in the surface of the gargantuan topic that is teacher workload. In what will no doubt be the first of many episodes with this theme, Chris and I spend some time considering what workload is, why extraneous workload is an issue and some of the ways in which we can alleviate both our own workload as well as, most importantly, those we lead in school. Wherever you are in your career, this is one you won't want to miss.

Episode 14: How do you solve a problem like...Workload?

What ya reading for? 


Basic Instincts by Pete Lunn

Better school improvement through Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation by Harry Fletcher-Wood


Seeing an Exercise as a Single Mathematical Object: Using Variation to Structure Sense-Making by Anne Watson and John Mason

Define workload

Why is extraneous workload an issue?

Why does the image of the hero teacher pervade our schools as much as on the silver screen?

How can we alleviate workload for those we lead?

How can we alleviate our own workload?

Honourable Mentions: 

The Teacher Gap - Rebecca Allen and Sam Sims 

MARGE: A whole-brain learning approach for students and teachers - Arthur Shimamura 

What does this look like in the classroom? - Carl Hendrick and Robin Macpherson

The Behaviour Management Pocketbook - Peter Hook 

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