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Season One, Episode Five:
Elliot Morgan

Key Lesson features ​

  • Direct instruction (not Engelmann)

  • Explicit vocabulary instruction

  • Accessible and challenging for all – low entry, high exit

  • Depth of knowledge

Task Design takeaways

  • Understanding context and time

  • Must define tasks first

  • Is knowledge constructed or transmitted?

  • Three part cycle – instruction, task and assessment

  • So task design is... content, pedagogy, resources, time, cognitive science

  • Extension of instructional phase

  • End result

  • Product or process

  • Specific methodology - Scaffolding/differentiation 

  • Consider general principles – accessibility, challenge, retrieval etc

  • During learning walks and observations, focus more on tasks

  • fun ≠ learning

  • engagement - the content itself and how you present it 

  • Performance vs learning – short and long term

  • Lethal mutations

  • Mary Myatt = less content more depth (mastery)

  • Use good models – high quality textbooks

Thunderbolt Research Paper: Those Who Understand: Knowledge Growth in Teaching

Every primary teacher should read: Learning vs Performance

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