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Season One, Episode One: 
Lloyd Williams-Jones

Key Lesson features

  • Cold call/No Opt-out

  • Problem Pairs

  • Diagnostic/Hinge Multiple Choice Questions

  • Live marking at pace


Teach Like a Champion


Diagnostic Questions

Confidence Weighted Multiple Choice Questions

Leading for school-wide change

  • Professional trust and relationships

  • Common language (codifying)

  • Focus on professional development over attainment appraisals

  • Shared culture


Learning to Improve

How I Wish I'd Taught Maths


Thunderbolt Research Paper: Why Minimal Guidance During Instruction Does Not Work: An Analysis of the Failure of Constructivist, Discovery, Problem-Based, Experiential, and Inquiry-Based Teaching

Mr Barton Maths Podcast - Kirschner and Hendrick

Every primary teacher should read: Parsing the Practice of Teaching

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